Conflict Management & Peace Building

Iraq is a country with particular settings, having been historically populated by diverse communities and ethnicities having lived traditionally side by side in peace.

The recent political changes in the context of Iraq has severely endangered the stability of the country as conflict between communities emerged and turned into escalation of violence.

INSAN has recognized the need to spread tolerance and peace building concepts across the society, encouraging conflict resolution and non violent behaviours.

Conflict Management and Peace Building are used as a horizontal approach by INSAN within all activities and programs conducted by the organization. Concepts are introduced on a systematic basis in all projects to ensure that INSAN is positively impacting on targeted communities.

Diverse mechanisms are used such as:

- dialogue - inter and intra communities, with local authorities and central government

- creation of inter-dependant links - mixing of beneficiaries in income generation and social activities

- capacity building of community leaders and members in conflict management and peace building, introduction of tolerance and peace concepts to women, youth and children


INSAN is participating in building the capacity of the Civil Society through training programs of Iraqi NGOs in Conflict Management. A network has been created to facilitate communication between organizations working in this field.

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List of projects conducted:


- Promoting Peace Building in Rapareen, Kirkuk (2008/2009)

- Working in a conflict environment - Training program for Iraqi NGOs (2008/2009)

- Promoting the role of women in Peace Building initiatives, Kirkuk (2008)