Human Rights & Civic Education

As the Former totalitarian Regime fell in April 2003, the term 'democracy' was introduced in Iraq. Education and promotion of Human Rights and other democratic political processes was needed to ensure an adequate transition of ruling system.

INSAN is providing Human Rights trainings to diverse categories of the population, targeting in particular low-educated groups and is putting in place diverse mechanisms to facilitate the political participation of under-represented communities. Advocacy to local and central government is a strategy used to ensure that adequate measures are taken at a country level to respect basic human rights principles and international treaties. 

INSAN has the capacity to provide training through staff members who are highly qualified trainers in Human and Women's Rights.



List of projects conducted:


- Supporting and Promoting IDP's Rights - Nationwide (2006)



- Educating primary school teachers to Children's Rights in Kirkuk (2006)



- Human Rights for All - Nationwide (2006)



- Awareness campaign for Women's Rights (2006)