Health & Medical Assistance

Due to a bad economic context since 1980 and economic sanctions imposed on Iraq between 1990 and 1993, the infrastructures and services of the country severely deteriorated. The health sector was particularly affected with new developments, technology and techniques not entering the country and equipment growing old.

Since 2003, supplies of medicines in Iraq are very low and the systematic targeting of professionals in the conflict has not allowed an improvement of health services across the country. 

INSAN is supporting health facilities through the provision of new equipments and technologies as well as much needed medical material and medicines. Capacity Building of health professionals is also a strategy used to significantly improve services provided to the Iraqi population.

INSAN staff is composed of doctors and nurses who are able to provide training and supervise medical projects.



List of projects conducted:


- Mobile medical teams in Karkh and Rusafa districts, Baghdad (2008)


- Enhancing the Health Care response to combat violence against women, Kirkuk (2007)


- Training of Trainers on emergency practices of doctors working in emergency units in 5 hospitals in Iraq - Baghdad, Kirkuk, Fallujah, Al Qaim (2007)


- Building the Capacity of Cardio Vascular Department in Al Bittar Hospital, Baghdad (2006)