Income Generation & Emergency Assistance

Following to nearly 20 years of conflict in the country and severe economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations from 1990 to 1993, Iraq's economic has severely deteriorated.

After the fall of the Former Regime in 2003, the massive displacement of populations due to military operations and internal conflict rendered hundreds of thousands of individuals vulnerable and living under the level of poverty without sources of income.

INSAN is providing emergency assistance to displaced populations where needed.

But INSAN highly believes in preventing individuals to become dependant on humanitarian assistance and is working at developping capacities through vocational trainings and providing means to generate income through in-kind grants to support individual and group initiatives.



List of projects conducted:

- In-kind grants to 50 IDPs and Returnees in Baghdad Governorate (2008)

- Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative in Kut, Wassit Governorate (2008)

- Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives in Kirkuk Governorate (2008)

- In-kind grants to 25 vulnerable individuals in Kirkuk to promote conflict management (2007)

- Sewing Cooperative for Palestinian Refugees and Iraqi Women in Baghdad (2005)